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    Kabileno MG II

    Year of birth; 2008

    Breed; ANCCE (Pura Raza Espanola)

    Kabileno is a beautiful boy whom joined us just over 2 years ago. Kabileno previous to joining us had participated in the Stallion shows winning regularly, he's a natural performer. Kabileno was titled Movement champion after just a few weeks after arriving in the UK. Not only is this horse a natural in the ring but also his motility is the best we have seen according to Twemlow's team.  Currently Kabileno is starting his dressage career here in the UK competing BD Medium with Felicity Glenister with plans to move up the levels together. He has produced beautiful natured children. 

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    Year of birth; 2009

    Breed; Andalusian/ Lusitano 

    Caribe carries the Pearl gene and is the newest of our boys and joins us working advanced and so far he’s been super relaxed about life. We will keep you posted on this new boys adventures here.​ 

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    ​Farruco FC

    Year of birth; 2005

    Breed;  ANCCE (Pura Raza Espanola)​

    Rucco joined us a few years ago with just the nicest temperament. Rucco is super easy and came to us for a our lovely clients to learn from and he did his best to support his riders giving them the opportunity to develop their riding skills and boost confidence. Not only is this horse the nicest person to handle and ride making every rider feel awesome, he is super talented with medium and extensions to match dressages finest Valegro. Rucco is currently competing BD Elementary teaching his rider Micheala Todd the ropes. We’re very excited did this lovely duo.

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    Year of birth; 1991

    Breed; Lusitano 

    Lance has been BD PSG however now leads a quieter life at home here schooling with Pamela Gittins. Lance is amazing for his age and still performing pirouette work and tempy changes. 

    Lance is retired from stud however we could not miss this little man out, he’s been with us for years and we hope for many more with him.