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    Andew J Murphy Dressage Clinic - Friday 23rd November Saturday 24th November Sunday 25th November morning ​Andrew is a international instructor and has competed at trained horse from roots to Grand Prix. Andrew teaches all levels. Private tuition is £75 for 45mins The evening of the 23rd Andrew will be holding a demonstration and informational talk. It’s a 2 hour demo with food and drink available to purchase. Tickets are £25 each and can be purchased through the clinic booking page. Quality surfaces and complimentary tea, coffee, squash and biscuits are available. Please call 07540 475962 to make reservations
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    Priory Farm Equestrian added 23 new photos.
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    Matt times for November 12th; A few spaces available, call or text 07540 475962 to make a reservation 😊 08.00-08.45- Julie Brooks 08.45-09.30- Jackie Shingler 09.30-10.15- Emily Watts 10.15-11.00- Wendy Bridges 11.00-11.45- Nicky McDaid 11.45-12.30- Wendy Bridges 12.30-13.15- Nicky McDaid 13.15-14.00- Sarah Karolyn Benyon 15.00-15.45- Felicity Glenister 15.45-16.30- Elaine Scott 16.30-17.15- Bethany Knott 17.15-18.00- Charlotte Neal 18.00-18.45- Felicity Glenister 18.45-19.30- Felicity Glenister
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    Matt Frost Dressage Clinic ⭐️Monday 12th Nov⭐️ Monday 3rd Dec Private tuition £80.00 for 45 mins Shared tuition £65.00 each for 45mins To make reservations please contact us with your full name and a contact number. Your times will be posted 1 week prior to clinic date and full payment must be received prior to clinic date. To make payment please use our booking page on our website; www.prioryfarm-equestrian.com If you need to cancel please let us know ASAP and if we can refill your slot we will refund in full or carry over to the next date. Free tea, coffee and squash is available and 5* surfaces both indoor & outdoor.
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    Andrew J Murphy times for Monday 29th & Tuesday 30th October 10.45-11.30- Felicity Glenister 11.30-12.15- Suzanne Hilditch 12.15-13.00- Suzanne Hilditch 13.00-13.45- Rebecca Walters 13.45-14.30- Jane Boothroyd 15.15-16.00- Jane Boothroyd 16.00-16.45- Rebekah Adshead 16.45-17.30- Caroline Prufer 17.30-18.15- Rebekah Adshead 18.15-19.00- Ellie Lock 19.00-19.45- David Godwin 09.45-10.30- Ellie Lock 10.30-11.15- Jane Boothroyd 11.15-12.00- Jane Boothroyd 12.00-12.45- Felicity Glenister 12.45-13.30- David Godwin 13.30-14.15- Carol Dobney 15.00-15.45- Rebecca Walters 15.45-16.30- Helena Dolisznyj 16.30-17.15- Helena Dolisznyj 17.15-18.00- Rebekah Adshead 18.00-18.45- Felicity Glenister
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    Another two lovely ladies ready for winter ⛄️xx
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    Times for Matt Frost Clinic Monday 15th October; 09.30-10.15- Julie Brooks 10.15-11.00- Bethany Knott 11.00-11.45- Emily Watts 11.45-12.30- Sarah Karolyn Benyon 12.30-13.15- Sam Aubrey 14.15-15.00- Elaine Scott 15.00-15.45- Jackie Shingler 15.45-16.30- Wendy Bridges 16.30-17.15- Nicky McDaid 17.15-18.00- Wendy Bridges 18.00-18.45- David Godwin 18.45-19.30- Charlotte Neal
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    Free tuition available on the indoor arena during the day this Thursday 11th October for UKCC Assessment day. Please call 07540 475962 to make your reservations 😊
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    Massive well done to Frankie Bennett & Embla Miss Ellie for coming 2nd in the 1.00m class and winning the 1.05m at Western Lawns today 🍾🥂💪🏻 Also huge well done to Nicky McDaid & Ginger today for coming 3rd at the BD Quest Regionals 🍾🥂👏🏻
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