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  • Offers Available

     Epona Quest

    Private 2hr Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning using our horses or your own- £40 per hour with materials provided.

    Purchase 3 prepaid private Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning and receive 5% discount!!

    Onsite Riding Tuition

    Private Riding Lesson with your horse for 30mins- £25

    Private Riding Lesson with your horse for 1hr- £35

    Equine Exercise

    Equine training available- charge dependant on training needs

    Magnetic therapy rug

    30minuite treatment- £10

    Livery's receive use free

    Onsite Clipping

    charge based on the clip wanted

    Bib- £5

    Chaser- £25

    Trace- £25

    Blanket- £25

    Hunter or Full- £40

    Arena Hire

    Indoor arena hire- £20 per hr for 1 horse extra horses £5 per horse (includes training fences if required)

    Outdoor arena hire- £20 per hr for 1 horse extra horses £5 per horse (includes training fences if required)

    Roundpen/ breaking pen- £15 per hr with one horse only on this surface


    Training jumps available at no extra charge

    Full Course FEI standard available Wednesday and Thursday £25 per hour for 1 horse. £5 for every extra horse

    What ever you need regarding horses we can help so please contact us using our contact page with any questions and we will do our very best to assist or if you prefer ring us on one of the listed numbers below.

  •  Producing young horses


    Taken at Priory

    Using Epona Quest and dressage training


    Taken in Bridgenorth

    Wards Place Supreme and Felicity in her early years


    Taken in Staffordshire

  • Clipping


    Massage Pad


    Preparing for lunging

  • Our show jumps


    Our show jumps


    Our show jumps

  • Videos of jump training and dressage available on you tube.


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