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  • Epona Quest

    Felicity Glenister spent a year studying with Linda Kohonav author of 'Tao of Equus' and 'Riding Between the Worlds' in Arizona and completed an apprenticeship programme.

    Epona employes horses in teaching people new tools with leadership, relationships, personal development, intuition, assertiveness and emotional fitness skills.

    Equine facilitated experiential learning can be hugely beneficial to everyday life. No previous horse experience is necessary. You can discover your inner guidance and learn new tools to help you thrive in life. Epona is a new and ever growing form of life coaching using horses to reflect this information.

    For the professional rider, Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning can really aid in developing a connection and partnership with your horse. These fantastic athletes have so much more to offer and studies are now showing that we have barely scratched the surface with these sentient beings. Heart math, thresh holds, boundaries and emotional agility are now crucial to our everyday training with superb results.

    Join us here at Priory Farm Equestrian for an amazing equine experience!!!


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    The horses are our co-facilitators, and these equine teachers are very sensitive to subtle shifts in their environment and in people. They can act as mirrors in which we may receive feedback about ourselves. The horses can teach us how to be more aware and how to interpret the messages behind the emotions. The lessons we can learn from our equine friends can aid us in everyday life and create new inspiration and zest for life.


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  • Location
    Priory Farm Equestrian is truly a special place to be. The farm its self is over 200 years old and was once a priory. The area is blessed with beautiful lakes, wildlife and is not short of tranquil hide away. Truly a treat!

    What is Epona Quest?
    Many people are taught to supress emotion however recent studies into neurophysiology of emotion suggest that it’s actually impossible to hide what you’re feeling. To make matters worse, it may actually be dangerous to try.

    For centuries, people have struggled to suppress negative emotions, to emphasize logic over feeling as if emotions were a by-product of an undisciplined mind or imagination run amok. Then scientists in the late-twentieth century discovered that the human brain wasn’t actually in charge of this process. Work by Candace Pert, Ph. D and other researchers active in the field of psychoneuroimmunology proved that the molecules carrying emotional information (called neuropeptides) are not only generated by the brain, but sites throughout the body, most dramatically in the heart and the gut. Physiologists now know that 60% of the hearts cells are neural and there are more neural cells in the gut than in the entire spinal column. As a result both areas can act independently of the brain in gathering information and adapting to an environment. In this way, the body serves as a magnificent tuner, receiver and amplifier for all kinds of information. It feels, learns and has definite opinions that sometimes contradict the brain.
    Think of your body as the horse that your mind rides around on.

    Horses are animals possessing extremely large and sensitive guts and hearts for that matter, they exhibit a prodigious talent for receiving and responding to emotional information. In order to survive, animals preyed upon in nature are highly sensitive to changes in the stance, heart rate and blood pressure of herd mates and predators at a distance. This is why in the wild zebra and deer will often graze unconcerned as a lion that has recently eaten a big meal walks past. Yet a lion on the prowl, the herd will scatter long before the cat can get close.

    As humans we have learnt through not needing to survive in day to day life to close this ability down. However using this ability or to use the other 90% can be hugely beneficial in life. We can learn to listen to our inner wisdom, we can learn to understand our emotions and use them to aid us in our life’s path, we can learn by understanding our-selves on a deeper level and how to learn understand others. We can take learning from the darkest parts and seek the gift and understand and take comfort in this knowledge.
    Horses use a simple four point method;

    1. receive the information
    2. respond accordingly fight or flight
    3. move to a postion of safety
    4. go back to grazing


    The heart generates an electromagnetic field around us. The cardiac field can be measured several feet away from the body by sensitive devices. Research conducted at IHM suggests that the field is an important carrier of information. The heart’s electrical field is sixty times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain. This can mean that if two beings are within close proximity of each other that affect contagion can take place. In other words emotion is contagious through out our heart field. The good news is that positive emotion is contagious too.
    A horses heart is huge almost the size of a basket ball and weighing on average 8 to 10Ibs so just over half a stone. Imagine the electromagnetic field generated by this!!