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  • Events and Clinics

  • Felicity Glenister - Dressage & Showjumping

                     Dates for 2019 to be announced 

    ​​Felicity has worked with horses from a very early age and has spent years working with fantastic trainers in all equestrian fields all over the world and today has a wide selection of skills

    to share.

  • Matt Frost Dressage Clinic

    Grand Prix International Rider

    Matt often showcases his skill, knowledge and passion for all things dressage performing lectures and demonstrations. Each lesson is delivered in a personal, effective manner with a nice balance of humour. Visitors have all left extremely satisfied with glowing feedback and requests for repeat lessons.  

    Monday   3rd December 2018

    Dates for 2019 as follows:-

    Monday   28th January   

    ​Monday   25th February  

    Monday     1st  April           

    Monday     6th  May         

    Monday     3rd June            

    Monday     1st July                

    Monday    29th July           

    Monday      9th September 

    Monday    14th October    

    Monday    11th November 

    Monday      9th December 

    Private tuition 45mins- £80.00

    2 Person Shared tuition 45mins- £130.00 (£65.00 per person).

    Coffee, tea and squash available free of charge.

    To make a reservation please click on the Clinic Booking Page  shown above.

    13% discount for all residents of Priory Farm Equestrian.

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    Andrew J Murphy Dressage Clinic

    International Instructor and Grand Prix Rider


    Andrew J Murphy joins us at Priory Farm Equestrian for fabulous dressage clinics

    Andrew is a international instructor and has competed and trained horses from roots to Grand Prix. Andrew teaches all levels.

    Private tuition £75 for 45mins

    The clinics run across two days. The first evening Andrew will be holding a demonstration and informational talk. 

    Please note:- Demonstrations run from May until September only.

    It’s a two hour demo with food and drink available to purchase. Tickets are £25 each and can be purchased through the Clinic Booking

    Page ​shown above.

     Dates for 2019 as follows:- 

    Thursday    28th February

    Friday         1st March

    Monday       27th May

    Tuesday      28th May

    Monday       17th June

    Tuesday      18th June

    Monday        22nd July

    Tuesday        23rd  July

    Wednesday  4th September

    Thursday      5th September

    Friday            22nd November

    Saturday       23rd  November

    ​Sunday          24th  November

    Quality surfaces and complimentary tea, coffee, squash and biscuits are 

    13% discount for all residents of Priory Farm Equestrian.

  • BYRDS Training with Patsy Bartram

    Please contact Jill Watts via email on jill.watts@btinternet.com to make reservation. 5* surfaces and free tea coffee and squash are available.

  • Subject to availability overnight stabling is available at £30.00. This includes stable, bed,

    hay/haylege. Extra shavings at £7.00 per bale. Electric hook up £10.00 per night.  Please contact Priory Farm to reserve..